Web & Digital Services

Website Work and Digital Marketing

We offer additional services to help promote, manage and improve your WordPress website.

Website Work

Additional work done on an existing website, such as adding new pages or content, adding new plugins or functionality or any other design and development work.


On-page Search Engine Optimisation is done to ensure that your website has all the SEO basics for it to show up in organic search results such as Google search.

Website Optimisation

Assessment of your website’s design, speed, content and traffic performance and setting goals to improve it. Includes tracking, monitoring and progress reporting.

Google Ads

Targeted search ads on a pay per click basis gets direct clicks to your website from people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Training / Consulting

Learn how to manage your WordPress website with one-on-one virtual training / consultations that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Custom Solutions

A selection of any or all of our services. We build a strategy around your business and website objectives. Our Custom Solutions are on short term or long term retainers.

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