WordPress Maintenance

Care and Maintenance for WordPress Websites

Giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on running your business.

WordPress Maintenance is essential for every WordPress website as it ensures the continued design, functionality and security of your website.

WordPress websites consist of Themes, Plugins and Databases which require frequent updating and optimizing. Having to continuously perform all these maintenance tasks can be time consuming and even overwhelming for website owners. But Failure to do so however can leave your website vulnerable to security threats and eventually cause bigger headaches.

At Weberlytic, we can save you that time and give you the peace of mind that your WordPress website maintenance is taken care of.

WordPress Maintenance Features:

WordPress Updates

Running updates on WordPress Versions, Themes and Plugins, to ensure the continued functionality and design of your website.

Security Checks

Regular Security Checks to detect if there’s any malware or other known vulnerabilities on your website.


Scheduled cloud backups of your website with off-site storage so that your website can be restored if needed.


Post revisions and database optimization to clean the database and increase space for improved website performance.

WordPress Maintenance Plans:

Enquire / Get Started:

    WordPress Maintenance Plan:


    Is this a fixed term contract?

    This service is on a month to month basis and you may cancel at any time. 

    What are Site Load Checks?

    This is done to ensure that your website loads and remains accessable to users on the internet.

    How often do you apply updates?

    We check for updates on a daily basis and run the updates that are due.

    What are WooCommerce database updates?

    It is updating your database to match the plugin version you installed or updated to. WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform for WordPress that enables shopping functionallity on your website. The database organizes, contains, and stores your products, orders, posts, and pages so running due updates is essential. 

    * If you require Hosting & WordPress Maintenance, see our WordPress Hosting & Maintenance packages.